Cladding Capricornia 

Vinyl Wall Cladding Installers, Vinyl Soffit Cladding Installers 

  • Insulated Vinyl Cladding - Cambridge Colours
    Insulated Vinyl Cladding - Cambridge Colours
  • Mackay Hucker St - Fibro - Before
    Fibro Before Hucker St Mackay
  • Mackay Hucker St - Fibro - After - Cambridge 20mm - Bone
    Cambridge 20mm Bone Hucker St Mackay
  • Rockhampton Bolsover St - Cabin Board - Before
    Weatherboard Before Bolsover St
  • Rockhampton Bolsover St - Cabin Board - After - Cambridge 20mm - Ash
    Cambridge 20mm Ash Bolsover St
  • Rockhampton Arthur St - Fibro - Before
    Fibro Before - Arthur Street
  • Rockhampton Arthur St - Fibro - After -  Cambridge 20mm - Satin Grey
    Cambridge 20mm Satin Grey Arthur Street
  • St Lawerance - Cabin Board and Fibro Soffits - Before
    BEFORE - Cabin Board Walls and Fibro Soffit
  • St Lawerance - Cabin Board and Fibro Soffits  - After -  Cambridge 20mm - Ivory and Mist Green Soffits
    Cambridge 20mm Lite Maple walls - Mist Green Soffits
  • Rockhampton Koongal - Weatherboard - Before
    Koongal - Weatherboard- Before
  • Rockhampton Arthur St - Weatherboard - After -  Cambridge 20mm - Ivory walls and soffits
    Koongal - Weatherboard After - Ivory walls and Soffits
  • Rockhampton Alton Downs - Shed - Before
    Shed Before
  • Rockhampton Alton Downs - Shed - After -  Cambridge 20mm - Sandalwood
    Shed After - Sandalwood
  • Rockhampton - Cabin Board - Before
    Cabin Board - Before
  • Rockhampton - Cabin Board - After -  Cambridge 20mm - Mist Green
    Cabin Board After - Mist Green
Insulated Vinyl Cladding - Cambridge Colours
Insulated Vinyl Cladding - Cambridge Colours

Welcome to Cladding Capricornia 

Cladding Capricornia are your local insulated vinyl wall cladding installers and vinyl soffit cladding installers for Capricornia homeowners.

Cladding Capricornia  regularly visit, quote and install in the Central Queensland Capricornia Region including Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Emu Park, Gracemere, Mount Morgan, Mackay, Gladstone and the surrounding areas.

Cladding Capricornia is a Central Queensland based local family business established in 2009 that installs insulated vinyl wall cladding to exterior house surfaces as an alternative to painting. The family members sell and install the Mitten Vinyl Australia products themselves giving you true local before and after sales and installation service.

The Benefits

As a local family business we understand your need for a long term solution to maintaining your home’s external appearance whilst keeping the family budget in mind.

Cladding Capricornia can provide you with a cost effective, long term alternative to painting which will ensure your exterior walls and soffits look their very best for years to come.

Even if you only had your house painted by a painting contractor every ten years you could save yourself up to 80% by vinyl cladding your home instead.

The Mitten Vinyl Australia Insulated Vinyl Cladding is manufactured to suit and handle the harsh Australian conditions.  

Wall Cladding Benefits – R Value & Insulation                                        Specifications                                        BRANZ Product Approval

The Mitten Vinyl Australia cladding products we use offer lifetime and 50 year pro rata transferable to the next owner warranties ensuring your Cladding Capricornia purchase will be one of the best investments you can make for your home and lifestyle.

Our price also includes QBCC QLD Home Warranty insurance which is required by law for any vinyl cladding installation over $3,300.

A lawfull contract must be signed to also meet QBCC requirements. We use a QBCC Contract to protect your consumer rights.

Fire Performance of Mitten Vinyl Cladding Products

Plastic materials are increasingly attractive for use in environments requiring high levels of fire performance. Mitten vinyl cladding has excellent performance characteristics in fire situations. Due to its chlorine base, vinyl cladding’s chemical makeup ensures that it does not ignite quickly and is inherently flame retardant.


Timelines: Work will commence on your project and be completed as soon as possible after a contract is signed or an order is received. 

Usually within 4 to 5 weeks subject to weather, supply chain and schedule availabilities.

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